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Most Overrated Rappers Of All Time


Most Overrated Rappers Of All Time

Most overrated rappers of all time. Ever heard of a rapper who’s at the top of the game making sales and been extremely popular for no reason? A rapper who doesn’t even deserve the hype surrounding them.

A rapper who didn’t deserve to be at the top in the first place because there’s no special traits about them. Such rappers fall under the overrated category of classification.

We would like to give a countdown of such rappers. Note that you are free to disagree with this list. It might piss a couple hip hop lovers off because their favorite is probably going to be here. Sorry if your favorite is overrated. Most overrated rappers of all time.

10. Tyga

He made a song about having intercourse with his underage girlfriend. Hmm…
Most rappers are gulity pleasures but he… no wait he sucks so much I’m not even calling him a he, IT needs to go back into its habitat.

Who buys this guys music? Don’t see how he is on T.V. driving Lamborghinis and buying a plane. He is terrible and has no music playing on the streets. Only at little kid party’s. Lost all his cred hanging with a Kardashian.

This guy is a joke. a true example of people listening to someone just because of their appearance.

9. Cardi B

No one can explain how a stripper became a successful rapper. She’s extremely awful with her voice whiles her delivery is also awful.

Congratulations on how she got to the top by throwing her nudes around and getting some horny fans to buy her music.
can’t stand her voice and she has no lyricism

The fact that people still support her after she drugged and robbed a guy is mind boggling

8. Future

He is insanely bad and I do not understand a word he “speaks”
Too much auto tune and it’s scary to listen to.

He sounds like he’s crying on every track. I can’t sit through 30 seconds of any of his music. Just listen to karate chop and you will understand why.

He doesn’t even rap. This is autotune garbage with 0 creativity.
don’t even know if he is speaking English on his songs so I can’t really judge him.
Straight garbage.

All because of idiots, he became one of the most popular rappers of this generation and made the rap game weeker than it already is and allowed all these trashy so called “artists” in the game.



7. Rick Ross

This fat sack of dung definitely needs to be way higher on this list. At least in the top five. I just can’t imagine in what universe did this slug ever became a famous rapper.

He couldn’t spit knowledge if you held a gun to his head, but he lies about being a Miami drug dealer and then steals a guy’s name. Needs to be at the top of this list for sure.

This fat prick should be number 1. Fake thug drug dealer no lyrics talks about the same bs over and over.
Rick Ross is just a little plain, and it seems like artists just feature him to make their songs longer.

Should be higher up. The guy raps about his drugs, guns, hoes etc. but he was a correctional officer.

6. Gucci Mane

Let’s be honest for once! Who hears the words this clown tries to pronounce? Freeze cup was a joke! This whole rapper is a joke!

I’m only saying’ that he has got an ice cream in his face. Enough said
Gucci Mane sucks with all respects. Dude can only rap about a brick of cocaine, and even had a mixtape cover where he’s pretending to cut off Jay-Z’s head. Guwop deserves no where NEAR the amount of attention he gets. Should I say he’s the worst on the list of most overrated rappers?


5. Ludacris

don’t understand how this guy ranks that high on people’s goat lists, he’s honestly a pretty disappointing rapper as a whole.

He had potential, but he wasted most of it all on his trash music and garbage lyrics. Basically a harder version of Lil Wayne, a punchline rapper with no substance or storytelling ability.

These people are not rappers. There pop artists trying to rap.for the love of god please understand this
his biggest hit was a song about deciding where and how he’s going to have sex with a girl. Sorry Ludacris fans, your man is one of  the most overrated rappers.


4. Iggy Azalea

She can’t rap. She’s already got success because she’s a white girl so white girls like her but her songs a terrible. She’s just so fake. Just hope she stops an lets real rappers to it

She’s white, so obviously people will know her and if you try to say anything bad about her, you’re racist. It’s honestly gotten so bad to the point where I say that Nicki Minaj is more tolerable than Iggy.

Don’t even get me started on this poser! She’s a blonde white Australian girl and she tries to talk like she’s from the ghetto of Atlanta Georgia! Terrible and sucks!
Her music is so corny, she is like a white version of Nicki Minaj and her fake accent annoys the crap out of me. She doesn’t belong in hip hop. She’s obviously one of the most overrated rappers.


3. Nicki Minaj

The worst rapper on this list. Not only is she awful lyrically but she sounds like a constipated man forcing out words through that ugly hole she calls a mouth.

That butt is fake, her nose is a fake , her lyrics are fake. The song “stupid hoe” made me die a little on the inside. Shes awful, should be much higher up on this list.

Do not get me started on how awful she is my grandma raps better than her and she is FOREIGN and the song she wrote stupid hoe well what is SHE.

Nicki Minaj is a fake idiot with no lyrical style, she just raps about butts, money, sex and drugs. All of her songs are extremely untalented, especially stupid hoe and could’ve been written in a minute.

She can’t rap, she just talks and wouldn’t be famous is she wasn’t the few women in the rap game. She should be removed from the planet. She’s one of the most overrated rappers for a reason


2. Lil Wayne

autotune autotune autotune and some more autotune added in there. his lyrics are s*** too. I really dislike him. I don’t see how people can stand to listen to him get high and talk for four minutes with an autotuned voice.

Look at his fanbase.. Either very young or very phony people, you know you gotta like it to relate to it which explains why phony people like phony rapper
The thing is, he never fell off. You know why? Because he never was good in the first place.

This is coming from an avid hip-hop head who was convinced that all the hype surrounding Wayne and how “clever” he was had to lead back to an actual trail. I was wrong, and overestimated people.

They really are as simple-minded and stupid as I initially thought. This shameless piece of garbage tainted a genre and its fanbase. I listened to every single Lil Wayne project, from the Block is Hot to his latest… zero displays of true brilliance.

Sure, a couple of “Hey, haha, I get it” sort of lines but nothing that transcends this level and is just absolutely shocking and mind altering. Set aside these few good lines, and there’s nothing less. Substance? Barely, and when there is some he either.

He has built himself up so high that he can come out and say things that don’t even make sense and people eat it up. I don’t even know what he is talking about anymore.

He doesn’t even rhyme anymore and when he does, he is rhyming a word with the same word. He has forgotten what it is like to be a person, and has forgotten what it is like to try to be he best because we are now so brainwashed that we think he is what hip hop should be now. Easily the most overrated rapper of all time.

An already poor voice would make him a bad singer, but using those vocal chops to rap makes a dire situation even worse. Not to mention how he raps about nonsense like food or how great he is, and this awful combination is about as much fun to listen to as Freddy Krugeur’s finger knives on a chalkboard.

An utterly terrible rapper whose success helped to ruin rap and turn it into the mess it is in today, not to mention how thanks to his Young Money record label, he has more talentless minions to inflict on the public and keep on messing up a once great genre. Most overrated rappers


1. Drake

MOST OVERRATED RAPPER TO EVER EXIST! Drake is about as deep as an empty pool. His music is the same stuff all over again. Just him blathering about some girl who doesn’t love him, the the the.

The prick has daddy issues. Get over yourself. His fans are even worse. They only song one song, Started From The Bottom, even though we all have seen him on Degrassi.

And there is no way he started from this so called bottom, because five minutes after he finished shooting Degrassi, he flew out to Cali, to see another sell out “rapper” Lil Wayne. So no Drake.

I don’t even see why Drake is considered a rapper? Most of the time he just sings with a synthesizer. The only time he does anything even close to rapping all he does is blow smoke up your ass, his words have no real meaning.

None of his songs have any staying power, all they have is a good beat.
Drake is top on the list of most overrated rappers for a reason.

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  • Drake Rumoured To Be Dating Kylie Jenner

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