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Psycho Poncho – Sweetie


Psycho Poncho – Sweetie

Psycho Poncho sweetie
Psycho Poncho – Sweetie. Before you go to sleep always remember there are so much music to listen and you have only heard about 3% of them. Trap music is the new deal at the moment. Stress relieving and entertaining. Ever wondered who and who are doing some good music but behind the curtains?

Not yet in the spotlights but with time they will show the world what they got to offer. Psycho Poncho is one of these. He’s got some great music out on SoundCloud but I must admit he’s not got that much of a great fan base. You can be a fan too.

First let’s take a listen to the songs he’s got to offer starting with his love jam titled sweetie. Psycho Poncho – Sweetie.


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