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All You Should Know About Buzzing Ghanaian Rapper Sharkels


All You Should Know About Buzzing Ghanaian Rapper Sharkels

All You Should Know About Buzzing Ghanaian Rapper Sharkels. Music as we know will forever remain the greatest gift to the soul and the best part of it all is churning it. Not everyone can do that whiles at the same time there’s a bridge of levels and standards between those who can.

The Ghanaian music scenes is flooded today with tons of talents and ambition. Standing out as an elite is the ultimate goal for everyone out there putting out music. It’s hard to tell who is worth a listening because in every corner of the nation is a sensational artiste fighting for spotlight.

Who is worth the spotlight is an unanswerable question because music appeals to the soul differently. This however doesn’t Change the fact about referring an amazing musical piece or an outstanding musical artiste.

On this grounds, I will share with you all the greatest discovery of the year 2020 on the music scenes of Ghana. Somewhere in the Eastern region of Ghana comes a well brewed authentic traditional talent who goes by the name Sharkels.

Unfamiliar as always because like everyone else, he’s also fighting for spotlight of which I can genuinely certify that he deserves every Penny of it.

Sharkels is a son of the Akuapem land and was born on the 3rd of November 1986. A day deserving of glory and traditionally named Kojo Acquah Danquah.

Like every child, Sharkels grew up with an unimaginable love for music. It was his world and his life. Nothing calmed him more than the presence of music. This interest grew up and gave birth to his hunger to play musical instruments which also grew up to bear his passion for making music.

As of now, he’s well skilled in playing several musical instruments of which he takes a huge liking to the guitar. His stance of cooking poetic and mind blowing lyrical rap music is out of the galaxy. His ambition to break grounds is the most overwhelming aspect of his career path as he got his eyes on the greatest glory available to grab.

The versatile rapper already have some huge records to his name already but he’s hellbent on breaking new career chapters with amazing projects in the future.

Some of these songs he’s already put out include ;
Makuma Ft. Kesse Baby ( Prod by Junior)
Tonga Ft. Fabulous (Prod by Fabulous)
Go Down Ft. Opal (Prod by Fabulous)
Life Ft. Hollick Wan (Prod by Fabulous)
Oseadeeyo Ft. Hollick Wan ( Prod by Fabulous)

He did the Oseadeeyo track for the new Okuapemhene of Akuapem Kingdom as a congratulations for his reign. The song happened to be too good to miss the attention of the King who upon hearing it invited him to the Palace to thank him personally.

As of now, Sharkels is concentrating fully on shaping his musical career whiles also promising nothing but good and exceptional music. He however calls for an amassed support to achieve that feat and it starts with you reading this.

Follow him and stay up to date with all his projects, events and more. All You Should Know About Buzzing Ghanaian Rapper Sharkels.

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