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Review: Kawabanga – Calling


Review: Kawabanga – Calling

Kawabanga Calling ft OKenneth Jay Bahd Sean Lifer Reggie City Boy mp3 image

Kawabanga Calling ft OKenneth Jay Bahd Sean Lifer Reggie City Boy mp3 image

Review: Kawabanga – Calling. Once again, Kawabanga managed to put together the perfect partnership to churn out another Asakaa classic a year after putting out the first one which kickstarted the dominance of the genre in the music industry. Kawabanga didn’t follow Akatafoc with another bang-up with the Asakaa boys but instead dropped a single dubbed Broke niQQas is sick and made appearances on several Drill songs.

This time around, He included Sean lifer and City Boy to the initial list that he churned out Akatafoc which included Jay Bahd, O’kenneth and Reggie. Instead of O’kenneth doing the hooks, Kawabanga took that role at heart whiles the rest dropped their verses on this street anthem dubbed calling.

The song reflects their expressions about the comments getting passed about them whiles giving everyone pints of what they think about these comments as well. An all-rounded record stuffed with the perfect replies, clapbacks, insights, appreciation and a whole lot of communicative elements worthy enough to get message to everyone out there.

Everybody calling calling ma phone yeah (Calling)
Calling calling ma phone yeah (Calling)
Calling calling ma phone yiee (Calling Eyy Eyy Eyy)

Everybody calling calling ma phone yeah (Calling)
Calling calling ma phone yeah (Calling)
Calling calling ma phone yiee (Calling Eyy Eyy Eyy)

Kawabanga came off with a hard hook as he emphasized the fact that everybody is calling his phone for several reasons known to them only. Is it to get information? Or is it to confirm a rumour or perhaps pass out some judgements or maybe throw out some gossip ad inappropriate information? It could be a whole lot and the fact that people pride themselves to somewhat dictate the lives of others or try as much as possible to know everything about the life of someone is somewhat surprising.

Me mpe asem medwe me hoo (Me mpe asem)
Me mpe asem medwe me hoo (Me mpe asem)
Me mpe asem medwe me hoo (Me mpe asem Eyyyyy)
Me mpe asem medwe me hoo (Me mpe asem)
Me mpe asem medwe me hoo (Me mpe asem)
Me mpe asem medwe me hoo (Me mpe asem)
Me mpe asem medwe me hoo (Me mpe asem Eyyyyy)

Well, It looks like someone doesn’t have much time to be spending on all these critics and talkers because they are roughly things that bring about peace of mind. Whatever that brings trouble always got to stay on the far side of our lives and this is exactly what Kawabanga demonstrated as “Me mpe asem medwe me hoo”. I don’t want trouble because I’m thinking about myself. Anything that got no relation to my positive growth and prosperity should be kept far from my side and the same applies to other baseless and useless criticism and shades as well as judgements and gossips.

Obiba Abrante3 Eyy
Obi dc Ba Eyy (Dc Ba Eyy)
Moma me medwe me hoo Ooo (Mame ndwe meho)
Moma me medwe me hoo Ooo (Mame ndwe meho)
Obiba Abrante3 Eyy (Abrante3 Eyy)
Obi dc Ba Eyy (Dc Ba Eyy)
Moma me medwe me ho Ooo (Mame ndwe meho)
Moma me medwe me ho Ooo (Mame ndwe meho)
Moma me medwe me ho Ooo !!!

“Obiba Abrante3” translates as “Someone’s special Son” and it is the perfect words to describe how someone is also special in this world to enjoy simple life privilege as getting left alone and having the freedom to think about one’s self. On the life of every soul gone or alive, every human is entitled to live the life he or she finds fit for himself or herself and no human would cross the line of tormenting the choices of another human. All Kawabanga requests of us all are to leave him alone.

O’Kenneth whose voice can be heard on almost every Asakaa song out there to be heard followed the hook with his pace-setting on flows to open the stand for himself and the others with a simple reminder same as Kawabanga. He went off to address the fact that despite how far they have come to get where they are, some people still feel like they are undeserving of their achievements.

Womo b3 nya na yenkc far ahhhh ahhh ahh ah !
Omu b3 nya na y3 bam abu
Nanka yada aahhh ahh ah !

They wish we really never got this far and they wish we really gave up the dream and sat down somewhere like sore losers. When the Asakaa boys came up, many wrote them off and called them whatever they could to make them feel small and less superior but time really told a different story. Fast forward after a year, they have made the genre the most sought after music genre in the country and continued dishing out bangers upon bangers. You can hate them all you can but their dogs will always remain the one thing you will jam to.

Kcnia ba
Nyinaa ahwere y3n
Na Omo te baabi
Sere sere yen

Bc kyenku
3kyere kyere yen
Nso womo susu Bone
Ento y3n y3n y3n

O’Kenneth went on to remind us that all these bad things people went on to wish for them was never fruitful and the positives went on to thrive. All those who shared series of laughter over them are reacting in the opposite now and that’s just how it’s supposed to be. He went further up to remind us that things are always going to run smoothly for them regardless of whatever anyone thinks. No bad thing is ever going to befall them. A year of dominance is something wonderful because many thought the drill genre had no place in the industry but all odds against them got defiled and there are more years of dominance ahead with the way they are bringing on heat after heat.

Me dwen me ho
Mene Gang y3 10 over 10

Even if we fall seven times
We will rise back up
Again again again again !!!

We won’t leave out the part where O’Kenneth also gave us a quick reminder that they are all about putting out top content and staying in their lane. It’s safe to say the Asakaa boys barely got a bad song down their catalogue. They either drop slaps or nothing and their songs are the main thing running our radio waves, playlists ad night lives. Every club is spinning their songs and that’s just how it’s supposed to be because they are sold 10/10 in all aspects of ratings. Building something legendary requires rising up from the downs and making another up hence the rapper reminded us that even if they fall seven times, they are probably rising up again.

Jay Bahd took over straight up from where O’Kenneth left off and brought the heat to a whole different level. The rapper from Bremang – Kumasi somewhat got the most appearance in the entire drill scene and it speaks volumes of himself especially if we take the fact that he came up as the most controversial among them all. He’s managed to cement his name on almost every classic drill song that ever got released in the country.

Meho asem agetti people busy online
Wei se sei wei se sei 3biara men mine
Negative vibes can’t dim shine
Me live me life hw3so y3 wo lie
Y3di klown Maame mensroniba
Kotie Akatafoc yaba na yaba
Nege nege ey3 po waha (Ohhhh! Demon)

Coming off as the most controversial member of the Asakaa boys with a serious contention in the entire country, it comes as no surprise if he reminds us about the fact that people are so busy online trying to pass comments on every single move he makes. Jay Bahd never comes off without his demon time slogan as his lyricism is smooth as dark as the caves of an old nazi mine. Many people don’t really feel him but despite it all, he’s got one hell of a discography under his belt which makes his sounds much more unique because he usually hit on the unsaid channels of life. Almost everyone got something about him.

Also, He emphasized the fact that all the negative vibes people got bundled up against him cant really strand his progress because he knows just what he’s doing and how best it’s good for him. These are words from someone who seems to have met much worse obstacles on his life journey and thus confident that all these are simple bumps he will get over with because he’s faced far worse things. He passed out a simple warning to everyone to leave him alone to live his life because everyone else got their own lives to live as well whiles also throwing it right into our faces that we all have our perceptions of life and what seems so unholy to us could be a good thing on his side. Nege nege ey3 po waha . Drawing inspiration from the popular mathematics theory that a negative number added to another negative number brings about a positive number.

Yen fa de3 obi kaho
Awo gyae na yentwe twe y3 nika no
Life mu de3 3hia y3 paper no
Menya bi mawo a wonfa wo nsa sum wano (Gang)

Yese me p3 clout, y3 bu mat3n
Mahu de3 oy3 nso menye na t3n
Me nka nko nedesi wo fr3me any3n
Pussy mindset b3 sesa daben

Jay Bahd still had more to say as he requested to add something more and throwing out a reminder to the elderly people who seem to have live life long enough to know what the world can throw at one. Awo gyae na yentwe twe y3 nika no which translates into English as ” Grandma stop because we are never pulling our pants up” is a clear cut message to demonstrate that no matter what you are saying about his lifestyle, he’s never taking it into consideration because this is the life he has adopted and he’s no way breaking away from it. For the record sagging jeans is a lifestyle and a culture of gangsters of which we classify as Akatanii in Ghana with its plural as Akatafuo and the sole inspiration behind the first Asakaa song to break boundaries.

Jay Bahd later goes on to remind us about his focus in life which is mainly getting money in its abundance. Life mu de3 3hia y3 paper no. translates to English as “all that matters in life is making the money” and he made it known that it is all he is all about. Menya bi mawo a wonfa wo nsa sum wano also translates to English as “shut your mouth if I get some for you. This probably aimed at his close relations be it family or close friends because the message was clear to remind them that no matter how he’s getting his money, they should keep quiet so far he’s providing for them because whatever he is up to is to secure the bag.

The energetic rapper also had something to share about one or two things surrounding his controversies and it is the wildest thing to pick out from his entire verse. Yese me p3 clout, y3 bu mat3n which translates to English as “they say I am an attention seeker so they judge and slander me” is the perfect reminder to everyone who passed a comment about his sex tape which got leaked a couple of months ago. A video of an alleged KNUST student giving the rapper head was leaked hence putting his name on the trend list for more than a week. Some accused him of intentionally leaking the video himself to gain attention whiles others crucified him but he seemed not to be bothered during those times. He even came out of the controversies bigger than ever. He later went on to lash out at everyone who wished those moments started his end by calling such thinking a pussy mindset.

Kawabanga followed Jay Bahd’s verse with the hook before Sean Lifer who was absent on the Akatafoc song jumped in with his energetic verse to spice up the heat as he followed the storyline with exactly what is on his heart he felt was worth pouring it out. As per usual he also made sure the first thing he reminded us was that he is seriously thinking about himself and the only thing he is thinking about is his business because it is the only thing that concerns him the most. Its no surprise because Sean lifer is the invincible Don amongst the Asakaa boys.

Adey here dey mind my Biz(Business)
De3 mob3ka biaa mente
Fitis3 mebc Ma Drip me ho nsem(Me Mbuade)
Chasing my M’s (Money) on the low
Nso dabiara y3 trappi, mebie makoma mua na wob3 hu mu nsem..
Y3se boy no y3 too Known.. y3se y3sefoc Ei !
Because boy no y3 pure gold y3 diggi me online Bro
Put the hustle down and get the money up
Mani abre 3double up, 3y3 sikasem dea me ncutti up.

According to Sean Lifer, He really doesn’t care what everyone got to say about him even though he hears and sees it all. All that he is focused on is stacking up his money and that is all he’s on about. He stressed out that ever since he dropped his classic banger dubbed Ma dripi which featured his fellow asakaa boys he’s noticed all the comments passed out about him but he isn’t much bothered. From being dubbed as too knowing to whatever it is that they feel is okay to stain his name, he really doesn’t care as he is busily doubling up his racks (money) hence the only calls he wanna be receiving is those about business and money-making vibes.

Next in line to Bring the heat on was Reggie and that was after Kawabanga threw the hook at us one more time. Reggie is very much of a perfectly rounded gangster rapper and he always comes up with some of the most mind-blowing verses. All he does is bury it with style and this time around he came with some vibrations to remind us that he owes no one favours to be dishing out favours. This is coming from someone who looks to have a somewhat smaller circle because he’s probably bumped on disappointment at one point of his life from people he solely trusted.

Wo tcn masem no wo nyaa sen
Afei Wo fr3 me gyina kyen
This time no wo fr3 me koraa aa menti
Me tiri mu ay3 den kyen daasen

He later continues to question everyone spending their precious time soiling his name and that of others how much they’ve earned so far. That’s just the reality because you earn nothing in tarnishing the name of others which is why we should make good use of that very same time. Also, He hit on the fact that People always be having that chameleon blood in them as they talk trash about you behind closed doors and act like they are all down for you in your presence. Reggie just had the best words to tell such people to sit their ass back down somewhere because his chi got no connection with such people and hence he will never entertain such people.

City Boy took over exactly where Reggie left off and made his mark known with a perfect entry. According to him, some even feel rapping isn’t for him because they class him as a terrible rapper and undeserving of the hype he’s getting. Well, City boy is someway on almost every Asakaa song with his vibes. Telling perfectly blended street tales with so much ease making people feel like he’s not good enough. Describing himself as a silent Bob in real life but finding it hard to understand how people still manage to put words in his mouth knowing very well he never said anything but despite it all, he knows how to perfectly handle the tension because he is one brilliant Kumasi chap.

Rap no koraa y3 se ma sa
Prince but Otumfuo ny3 me papa
Me nam kromu ha may3 dinn no
De3 menkae y3 se maka
Kumasi boy mani ate
ASOS koraa y3si alibaba

Going on to lash out at all the critics judging their fashion sense, he reminded everyone that they don’t go around rocking knockoffs like everyone else hence nothing bad can stand against their fashion sense. Lots of people usually trash talk about their preferred costumes in their music videos but it’s somewhat far from what they are trying to portray. They are repping the streets where hardships are the epitome of the community and cant be rocking flashy costumes. Keep it hood and keep it hood whiles keeping it gangster and that is how he stands out as the definition of real.

Medi banku menhwe Banku
Wei y3 asakaa wei ny3 zanku
I be the definition of real
Hater b3 si me statue ansa na wawu
Wo de me nam s3 madi wo girl
But owuro ne ho ansaana mabu

Mas3m si wo ti so na wo ton
Me y3 Goat enti me ho bon
No human ever terrify me
De3 me suro a ne Nyankopon.
That’s on Gang!

City Boy is also very much optimistic that everyone out there with nothing but hate in their hearts for them will soon build him a statue because they will get tired of all this hating and fall in love with them. It is all just a matter of time. Whiles others drag him for no reason, he reminisced about someone even selling him out for snatching his woman but he’s less bothered because whoever this woman is gave him consent because it was something she wanted and probably enjoyed so jokes on whoever this was aimed at.


Asakaa boys are so unpredictable and always giving everyone a series of headaches to choose a favourite from their catalogue. Their discography is packed with classics upon classics and hard to signal out a favourite but cheers to those with a personal favourite of which this joint holds higher chances of getting selected. Here is a song that can be used for reference by all age groups and could probably last decades without getting irrelevant because it comes with a buckled up lyrics with so much relation to several life issues.

We hope it stands the test of time and climbs up to the bar previous songs from the gang raised. This song cant be rated because it is exceptional in its own way. We will leave the rating side to listeners or perhaps come back in the near future to rate it. This review was carried out by the entire editorial board.

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